Velkommen til skatecamp på Camp Vierli Hotell!

Velkommen til Her finner du informasjon om skatecamper på Camp Vierli sommeren 2018. Du kan melde deg på under påmelding. Du finner mer informasjon om skatecampene under aktiviteter. Du kan lese om sommerens instruktører og lurer du på noe mer..

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Always Stoked to see when young ones make progress. This kid  @toblunn was pushing it hard this season and it has paid off. Keep it up buddy! 👊
@snowlunn 📷 
#vierliterrengpark #snowboarding #norway #snow
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And It’s done. Season 17/18 is over. Thanks to you all who supported us, visited us, came to shred and had fun! 🙏 We will be back! #winteriscoming
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One of these days! Last week was fun. We open for one more weekend. Come to catch last spin ! ✌️ Thanks 📽 @processfilms 🙏 @snowboardforbundet @norsktipping 
@raulandskisenter #vierliterrengpark #snowboarding #springsnow
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And It’s over! Thanks to you all for coming out! It’s been amazing week! Special thanks to @sondrehylland for making this happen and @charlesbeckinsale for building sick park and sharing his knowledge. 
Also big thanks to @snowboardforbundet and @norsktipping for supporting this project! We hope you all had lots of fun and see ya next time! It’s been blast! #vierliterrengpark
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One more from @markusolimstad 🔥🔥
📷 @processfilms 
@visitrauland #vierliterrengpark #snowboarding #norway
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Morning glory by @charlesbeckinsale 
Game is on! Enjoy! 
Big thanks to @sondrehylland for making this happen ! 🙏 📷 @peterglo 
@norwegian_snowboarding @norsktipping 
#vierliterrengpark #snowboarding #snowboard
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@charlesbeckinsale was quite busy last three days and here is the result. 
6 new jumps and 1 monster 😻 
Tested today by @bengjerdalen 📷 @peterglo 
@snowboardforbundet @norsktipping @raulandskisenter @visitrauland #vierliterrengpark #snowboarding
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@markusolimstad casual cruising 💪💪 📷 @sondrehylland #vierliterrengpark @snowboardforbundet @raulandskisenter @visitrauland @norsktipping #snowboarding #snow #vierli
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That’s what’s up! 🏂@sondrehylland 📷 @peterglo 
#vierliterrengpark @snowboardforbundet @norsktipping @raulandskisenter @visitrauland
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Party has started ! 🎉 @bengjerdalen 🏂
📷 @sondrehylland @snowboardforbundet @norsktipping
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Easter are over and that means @charlesbeckinsale is here to build some of his prime stuff for you to ride! We closed for tomorrow and opening up again on Wednesday! 📷 @sondrehylland #vierliterrengpark @snowboardforbundet #visitrauland #raulandskisenter
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Spring lapping from @gustavrugtveit & @vegarellingsen 👌👌🙌 #vierliterrengpark #snowboard #spring #påske #visitrauland #raulandskisenter #sun #fnugg #snowboardforbundet
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Pre-inspection of banked slalom course with @chocorompe , looking good, still under yaa on Friday 👋 #vierliterrengpark #bankedslalom #påske #Friday
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@norsktipping og @snowboardforbundet har invitert @charlesbeckinsale til @vierliterrengpark for å bygge park 6.-8. April! Du kan også kjøre! For info og åpningstider se 📷 @processfilms / @thestompinggroundspark
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After we done building, @jomfruenrafael went and took a few laps through the park! @shapecrew represent 💪 #vierliterrengpark #visitrauland #fnugg #ski #night #shredded
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